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Shoveling of the Snow

North Carolina got hit with a major snowstorm last night and here at the home front in Chapel Hill, we got about 6 inches of snow. I know there are many of you that scoff at such a paltry amount. But in North Carolina that’s serious business.

It was enough to knock out the power at our house, which took internet access with it. Not only that, the cell phone towers were either affected or overwhelmed. I was not able to get a cell phone signal after about 6:30am today and then my phone batteries ran out.

So I was forced off the grid for most of the day today. “Forced” to take a snow day from work and denied all my usual internet-based pass times. I decided that I’d throw myself into a different kind of pass time: Shoveling snow!

Check out the beauty of my now bone-dry driveway!

snow shoveling 1

Pat and I live on an end-unit town house which is an advantage 99.999% of the time, but on snow days, not so much…..

snow shoveling 1

And of course, the front steps

snow shoveling 3

After all that shoveling I was pooped. Done in for the day. And while it may not be as much snow shoveling as a lot of you do, I think I have enough experience at doing this that I can state, with some certainty, that you people up North are crazy.

In true southern fashion, the snow is leaving as fast as it came. Reports from friends and neighbors are that all the main roads are clear and dry already. So Pat and I are actually going to go visit some friends tonight.

Thankfully, the power did come back on and I was able to take a hot shower before going out!